If the new Heineken commercial, set in an express train, looks like a James Bond film, that's by design. Promoting both Heineken beer and 'Skyfall,' the upcoming Bond picture that opens in October, the ad features cameos from 007 actor Daniel Craig and New Zealand singer Gin Wigmore.

Wigmore's 'Man Like That' is the song heard in the background during the chase, which involves an innocent man being mistaken for James Bond while on a luxury train ride in Siberia. He races from cabin to cabin, past gambling tables and coat-check rooms, finally arriving in a car where Wigmore is performing while guests dance their tails off and drink Heineken.

When the pursuers see the real Bond -- drinking a Heineken, of course -- they resume the chase as the commercial fades out.

Mark Bernath, executive creative director at Wieden + Kennedy, told Adweek why 'Man Like That' is such a good fit for the commercial. "We always look for tracks that are unknown or at least obscure," said Bernath. "Gin's track also had the energy we needed to drive the story and, although we don't necessarily require it, the lyrics worked quite well with the idea."

Perez Hilton named Wigmore one of his favorite new singers back in 2008, and she is nominated for Best Worldwide Act at November's MTV Europe Music Awards. 'Man Like That' appears on her latest album, 'Gravel & Wine.'

Hear Gin Wigmore's 'Man Like That' in the Heineken James Bond Express Train Commercial