Helvetia (pronounced hel-vee-shuh) have been cranking out dreamy, psychedelic pop from the Pacific Northwest since 2006. Led by Jason Albertini, the band has seen a rotating cast of players that at times included members of Built to Spill and Dinosaur Jr. Now on their seventh album, 'Nothing in Rambling,' they offer up a gorgeous dreamscape of a single in 'Pumpkin Rose.'

Helvetia is psych pop in the truest sense -- their music could and should soundtrack your dreams. Jason Albertini told Diffuser.fm about the inspiration behind 'Pumpkin Rose':

"When my daughter was being born, I saw her head peek out a bit and I remember thinking that is really a super small head. As she proceeded to make her way out the plates in her head very dramatically started to unfold and tripled in size, blowing my mind clean. A few days later, I had a very vivid dream where my wife was giving birth to a pumpkin and a pretty little rose was growing out of the top of it. The dream descended into some very strange scenarios, but basically I was supposed to be transporting this pumpkin rose across the country to a secret location whilst being chased and threatened by some type of religious figure people. Anyways, it was bizarre since I'm not religious in the least. That's where the song stems from."

Grab the track below, and float downstream. 'Nothing in Rambling' is out on Sept. 11 on Joyful Noise Recordings.

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