The music of Brooklyn indie pop trio Class Actress is featured in a Honda Civic HF commercial that centers around a woman named Kate who lives near the beach, leads a wildly successful life, and -- of course! -- drives a Honda.

The spot shows photos of Kate, her dog, her house, and her car, a brand-new Civic HF. As Kate says, "This is the song I'm listening to," viewers see a shot of her radio, which displays the band name Class Actress and the song title 'Let Me Take You Out.'

She heads to the beach with her dog and a male companion, speeding down the highway while the camera catches a close-up of the vehicle's fuel efficiency, which is 41 miles per gallon. "This is me, happy," she declares, before relaxing in front of an open fire in the sand as the commercial ends.

Class Actress were created by singer-songwriter Elizabeth Harper, who moved to Brooklyn and joined up with more electronically-influenced bandmates Mark Richardson and Scott Rosenthal. 'Let Me Take You Out' is a bundle of electropop urgency from Class Actress' 2010 EP 'Journal of Ardency,' which was released on Terrible Records, the label of Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor. Class Actress put out a second release, 2011's 'Rapprocher,' on Carpark Records.

Watch Class Actress' 'Let Me Take You Out' in the Honda Civic Commercial