A wise man once said that age doesn’t matter unless you’re a cheese -- or a London dance rock group. We didn’t know what to think about Hot Chip when they burrowed into our ears with ‘Ready for the Floor’ back in 2006: the question hanging in the air was: Are these pasty dudes for real?

Clearly, they were. Now older, wiser, and tighter as a band, Hot Chip’s 2012 album ‘In Our Heads’ tackles the matters of adult life. They go out of their way to praise commitment in ‘These Chains’ and ‘Look At Your Heart’ -- rare occurrences in a fickle music world. And each track is really, really good. The album debuted at No. 62 on the Billboard charts, took over the top position in dance and has an uncanny marriage of thoughtfulness and groovitude. Like the stinkiest of cheeses, ‘In Our Heads’ is Hot Chip at their full maturation.

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