There's nothing we like more on weekends than losing ourselves in soothing dream-pop. Baltimore duo Beach House are among our current faves, turning out moody, spacey and, yes, dreamy indie rock. Here are five other artists -- some that sound like Beach House, some that grab from the same set of influences -- you may also like. Check them out.

  • Atlas Sound

    When Bradford Cox isn't making guitar-based indie rock with the excellent Deerhunter, he's releasing loopy solo records under the Atlas Sound moniker. Unlike Deerhunter's occasionally abrasive music, Atlas Sound take a more chill approach.

  • Toro Y Moi

    This one-man band is fronted by Chazwick Bundick, whose synth-fueled chillwave is a bit funkier than his peers'. Like Beach House, Toro Y Moi finds the human pulse beating beneath the rattle and hum of all the machines.

  • Twin Shadow

    Here's another bedroom project led by one man. George Lewis Jr. makes '80s-influenced synth-pop that's a bit livelier than your typical Beach House song, but no less dreamy. Twin Shadow's 2012 album 'Confess' sounds like a lost relic from the New Wave era, complete with dance-floor hooks.

  • Twin Sister

    Like Beach House, this Long Island-based quintet is fronted by a female singer. They also make moody synth-based indie pop that's more about building atmosphere than getting all worked up. One of their songs was recently sampled by rapper Kendrick Lamar.

  • Wild Nothing

    Jack Tatum leads this Virginia-based group whose hazy indie pop occasionally drifts into the shoegaze territory of bands like My Bloody Valentine. Like Toro Y Moi and Twin Shadow, Wild Nothing is essentially a one-person bedroom band.

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