Iggy Pop may have been thinking about retirement last year, but somebody apparently forgot to remind him. On April 21, which happens to be his 70th birthday, he'll release a single called "A--hole Blues," and it can be streamed below.

"I wrote a blues song about an a--hole who's out to get me," Pop told Rolling Stone, where the song premiered. "It's full of negative energy. Listen at you own risk. It's fun to play the blues."

The song will be sold as a flexi-disc on Mag Mag, the label owned by the Jacuzzi Boys, an indie rock band, and you can pre-order it at their website. Pop met the trio when they opened for him in Miami last year and hit it off. Originally intended for their own recordings, the Jacuzzi Boys are branching Mag Mag out towards other acts, with "A--hole Blues" as the first offering by someone other than themselves.

"Basically the flexis will serve as a place where artists can do as they please," they said. "[It's] a place to exercise your most experimental desires or keep it 101. No rules. We're just trying to turn folks on to stuff we find interesting. We're as curious as anyone else might be to see how it all unfolds."

As Pop made the rounds for last year's Post Pop Depression, he discussed his desire to take things a little bit easier from here on in. “I feel like I’m closin’ up after this,” he said. “To really make an album, you really have to put everything into it. The energy’s more limited now.”

Listen to Iggy Pop's 'A--hole Blues'

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