Since he first made his presence known with the Stooges back in 1969, Iggy Pop has been a constant benchmark for countless frontmen and bands that followed. We've ranked all of his solo albums in order of awesomeness below.

Going back to the days of Elvis Presley, the role of rock and roll singer has been a chaotic gig. Then James Brown and Mick Jagger all upped the ante considerably. Jim Morrison took the job to another level, but it was Iggy who truly poured every fiber of his mind, body and soul into the thing.

But his legendary shirtless stage performances are but one view of the entire package. Iggy has been behind some of the greatest rock and roll records ever made. Following three stone cold classics with the Stooges, he jumped into his solo career with more bravado, insight and intellect than most would have thought him capable at the time. And even though mainstream commercial success has eluded him throughout his career, there were a few times when he managed to align with the times and dent the charts.

Over all these years, he has consistently surprised and amazed upon issuing a new set of songs. Not all have been top-shelf, but even on his worst day, he beats most of the competition in the rock and roll wars. But if 2016's Post Pop Depression turns out to be, as he's suggested, his last album, he will have left us with a catalog of 18 solo albums to look back on. See where it ranks below.

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