The legendary Iggy Pop is featured in a new anti-torture campaign ad for Amnesty International. In the ad, originating from Amnesty's Belgium branch, the Stooges frontman is pictured alongside the Dalai Lama and German fashion designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld. Each man is pictured with a caption below his image with the message "Torture a man, and he will tell you anything" hanging as the motif.

Pop, and the others, are seen bloodied and bruised, while the caption below Pop's face reads "Justin Bieber is the future of rock and roll."

"We can't imagine Iggy Pop saying that Justin Bieber is the future of rock 'n' roll,"  Philippe Hensmans, director of Amnesty International's French Belgian section, told the Guardian. His point being that confessions under torture are not always the truth. "Governments that use torture ... claim these techniques give them precious information, but history has shown that tortured people are usually willing to say anything at all to make the pain stop."

Similarly ridiculous "statements" are found below Lagerfeld and the Dali Lama. According to the Guardian, it is unclear whether an of the three men actually signed off on their images being used in the ad campaign, which was launched by distributing leaflets in various Belgian cities.

"We thought it was a quirky but un-maudlin way to attract attention to a tragic reality that often happens in secret," Hensmans added.