This time a year ago, Imagine Dragons were in the midst of receiving plenty of Grammy love. Now, as we enter Grammy weekend, the group revealed to fans at Thursday's tour announcement concert where their awards sit.

With a sense of humor, frontman Dan Reynolds stated, "If you put it right in front of your house, you're that guy, like 'Hello, welcome to my house and here's my Grammy.' But you don't want to hide it in your drawer so I ended up putting it in my little girl's room so it felt like that in-between where I could go in there and see it and see my baby girl and tell her that she's second place. Always remind her where she stands."

Giving Reynolds a bit of grief, guitarist Wayne Sermon joked, "Mine's actually in the front of my house, so ..." before directing his gaze toward Reynolds. On a more serious note, he explained, "Not really, but it's in a nice little studio on the third floor."

Bassist Ben McKee added a fun story, revealing, "I really did a bad job of keeping track of everything. I know where it is, but at one point [Daniel] Platzman's brother actually sent me a picture … and I opened it curious, and it was a picture of him slurping scotch out of my Grammy on his birthday. And this was months after his birthday, like, by the way, this is the thing that I had done. Here you go. But my Grammy now is on a shelf somewhere. I think it might be in a box." Meanwhile, Platzman stated that he keeps his Grammy on his piano.

Even though Imagine Dragons released the single 'I Bet My Life' last fall, the group is not in contention for this year's Grammy Awards. However, with their 'Smoke + Mirrors' album dropping Feb. 17, you can look for them to be a popular name later this year when the next Grammy nominations are revealed.

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