While San Francisco-based In Letter Form are in the middle of production on their new full-length album, Diffuser is ecstatic to give fans a taste of what they’re working on with the official music video for “Reflecting the Rain" -- check it out above.

Though the song is an obvious nod to In Letter Form’s influences -- like the Cure, Joy Division and New Order -- the band puts its own personal spin on things, creating a modern and personal take of the classic new wave sound.

“I sent my girlfriend a mix tape early in our relationship with the Velvet Underground song ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’ on it,” frontman Eric Miranda says. “It was basically a message from me encouraging her to become self-realized, confident, and aware of her beauty. In ‘Reflecting the Rain,’ when I sing ‘You were reflecting the rain,’ I mean that she was reflecting her sadness.”

That sadness is eerily -- and beautifully -- reflected in the new Ant Boyd-directed music video, both in the visuals and audio.

“The sound design I did for the video’s intro is my favorite part,” Miranda admits. “It’s a pitch-corrected version of ‘The Raindrop Prelude’ by Chopin coupled with Frank Sinatra’s ‘Rain.’ Over the music and sound effects, you can faintly hear me saying, played back in reverse, ‘And the way you kiss will always be a very special thing to me,’ from Syd Barrett’s ‘Late Night.’”

You can stay up-to-date with everything happening in In Letter Form's world via their official Facebook page; stay tuned for more details on the band's full-length effort as they are announced!

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