A week after announcing their first U.S. tour in three years, Interpol have unveiled details on their next album. The LP, their fifth, will be out on Sept. 9 and is called 'El Pintor' (the title is an anagram of the band's name, if you haven't figured that out).

The New York group made the record in its hometown, and finished post-production in the U.K. earlier this year, when it was touring overseas.

They even made a three-minute video to announce 'El Pintor,' their first album since 2010's self-titled one, that you can watch above. In it, Interpol mess around with lots of instruments. There's also tons of gear porn for people who are into that kinda thing, with the camera zooming in on recording consoles, speakers and racks of guitars.

The little music that's revealed in the clip doesn't offer much for fans. It's either snippets of works in progress or fuzzy playbacks of songs that the band is listening to.

They also unveiled the new album's cover:


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