Fans awaiting the April 16 arrival of Iron and Wine's new album, ‘Ghost on Ghost,’ have another taste to reward their patience. Sam Beam treated us to a tune titled ‘Lover’s Revolution' last month, when he announced the disc (listen to that one here), and now, he's unleashed another track, this one titled 'Grace for Saints and Ramblers.'

We described ‘Lover’s Revolution' as "what you might call neo-indie jazz-infused folk," and, despite its much faster tempo, 'Grace for Saints and Ramblers' could also fall into that category. Bright keyboards, hand claps and orchestral strings of some sort take a more prominent role in the tune, which is littered with colorful lyrical nuggets like "Johnny Rotten," "Jesus freaks" and the rhyming couplet "homeless sinners / sweepstakes winners." Judging from what we've sampled so far, we're definitely excited to hear the rest of ‘Ghost on Ghost.'

Listen to Iron and Wine's 'Grace for Saints and Ramblers'