J Mascis returned to 'Late Night With Seth Myers' last night (Feb. 4) to perform 'Every Morning' off his 2014 album, 'Tied to a Star,' and an exciting cover of Mazzy Star's 1994 hit, 'Fade Into You.' You can watch the latter above.

After sitting in with the G8 Band last spring, where he announced his most recent LP, the Dinosaur Jr. frontman looked at home on the 'Late Night' stage and even brought Fred Armisen out to play rhythm guitar with the band.

They didn't just perform the cover for fun but more as a means to promote their special 7-inch vinyl that hit the stores on Record Store Day Black Friday. The B-side of the Sub Pop vinyl is an unreleased cut from 'Tied to a Star' called 'Outside.' (The cover was also released as part of a sneaker project Dinosaur Jr. did with the Keep Company.)

Check out Mascis and Armisen performing 'Every Morning' below:

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