‘The Double’ director Richard Ayoade -- who also helmed the Alex Turner-scored ‘Submarine,’ plus countless music videos from the Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend and more -- sat down with NME to discuss why he casted J Mascis in his latest film.

“I knew he could act because he was in ‘Gas, Food, Lodging,’ and he has this great persona, and it just felt right,” Ayoade explains in the interview, which you can see in full above. “He’s my favorite musician, really, so yeah, it was a complete thrill he did that.”

The Dinosaur Jr. frontman appeared in ‘The Double’ as a janitor, and Ayoade says Mascis nailed the role.

“I felt he had this great iconic voice, and great manner and great bearing to indicate how little the staff around this complex -- in which our characters live -- care,” the filmmaker added. “He looks like he’s not that worried about things.”

This isn't Mascis' first time on screen as an actor; he also appeared alongside the Dirty Projectors in an episode of 'Portlandia''s third season.

You can see Mascis’ performance in the 2013 movie on Netflix now.