The rap and rock worlds have been colliding for decades now and even more so recently with artists like Paul McCartney and Kanye West teaming up. Now Jay-Z has enlisted Jack White's Third Man Records to release a limited edition vinyl box set of his celebrated 2013 album, Magna Carter Holy Grail. 

White has always been quite the vinyl entrepreneur -- most recently snagging one of Elvis Presley's original A-track recordings for a 2015 vinyl re-issue. Jay-Z is also a well-known entrepreneur, so it's easy to assume that there's a boatload of money to be made from this reissue.

The vinyl set, which will be limited to only 1,000 copies, will be released as eight separate 7-inch vinyl discs in a clothbound binder with scratch-off pages that uncover lyrics and photos, all playing off the theme of redacted government documents. Watch a trailer for the vinyl release below.

Although White isn't personally contributing to the musical component of the album, the two artists were rumored to have collaborated together back in 2010 (supposedly with Kanye, too) on a track called "Ray-Bans." But the song never saw the light of day. Of course, White also broke into a verse of Jay-Z's "99 Problems" during a show last summer.

Jay-Z -- Magna Carta Holy Grail Vinyl Set Trailer

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