Dreams really do come true, just ask Jake Bugg.

As NME reported earlier today (Sept. 13), the young indie folk artist once sent an email to one of his major musical influences, Don McLean, about five years ago. Just like many kids' fan mail to musicians and celebrities, though, Bugg's note was seemingly lost in the shuffle of hundreds, if not thousands, of other messages.

That is, until a few months ago.

On a recent episode of MTV U.K.'s 'Soundchain,' Bugg told the host, Zane Lowe, that the owner of the fansite that Bugg submitted his email through finally came across the note. After giving Bugg McLean's phone number, it was McLean who actually reached out first.

"He called me and woke me up," Bugg explained to Lowe, according to NME. "He spoke for about 40 minutes. I spoke for about one minute. He was giving me this advice like, 'Don’t get married.' It was pretty crazy."

McLean's 1971 track, 'American Pie' -- from the album of the same name -- was listed as the No. 5 song on the Recording Industry Association of America's 'Songs of the Century.' The album reached the top of the Billboard 200 charts after it was released.

Bugg has a slew of dates scheduled stateside with the Black Keys throughout the month of November in support of his second studio album, 2013's 'Shangri La.' Get his full tour itinerary here.

And if you've sent a piece of fan mail to Bugg recently, hopefully it won't take five years for him to reach out. In the meantime, enjoy his latest music video for 'There's a Beast and We All Feed It.'