James Murphy has been known to dabble in various projects. His latest, however, will take him outside of music: he'll be opening a wine bar in New York City this summer.

The Four Horsemen, located at 295 Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, will reportedly offer 160 varieties of wine, which will eventually grow into 350 selections, according to the New York Times. Don't worry – you'll be able to nosh on some food at the place, too.

A self-proclaimed beer and bourbon drinker, Murphy became a wine convert in 2008 while hanging out at the Racines, a popular wine spot in Paris. He will be partnering with his wife, Christina Topso, and plans to offer natural wines, which are "ideally allowed to ferment with minimal human manipulation."

The former LCD Soundsystem head also joked about why he started to DJ less and began to look toward other potential projects. “I need something with really low margins, high risk, brutal hours and which I have no experience at,” he said.

The Four Horsemen is set to open in early June, but no official date has been revealed.

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