At midnight, LCD Soundsystem released two news songs, “Call the Police” and “American Dream,” the latter of which which you can listen to above, from it’s still in-progress comeback album.

The songs came following a lengthy Facebook post from frontman James Murphy, who provided an update on the status of the album that he says is nearly complete, and the reasons why he still can’t offer a release date.

Nonetheless, the songs are the first official releases from the LCD Soundsystem in seven years, save 2015’s “Christmas Will Break Your Heart.” The songs debuted during the band’s five-night residency at Brooklyn Steel last month.

The second of the songs to premiere, the synth-heavy "American Dream," feels like both a political and personal criticism.

In "American Dream," Murphy begins, "Wake up with someone near you / And at someone else's place / You took acid and looked in the mirror / Watched the beard crawl around on your face.

"Oh, the revolution was here / That would set you free from those bourgeoisie / In the morning everything's clearer / When the sunlight exposes your age," he continues. "...Grab your clothes and head to the doorway / If you dance out no one complains / Find the place where you can be boring / Where you won't need to explain ... You just suck at self preservation / Versus someone else's pain."

As Saturday Night Live's musical guest tomorrow, LCD Soundsystem has promised to perform new material. The band will be headlining Pitchfork Music Festival along with A Tribe Called Quest and Solange. In addition, they're planning a tour that will include dates outside of the festival circuit.

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