Nashville rockers Jeff the Brotherhood will return in March with their next album, ‘Wasted On the Dream,’ and brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall have unveiled ‘Coat Check Girl,’ the second single to emerge from the forthcoming LP.

“We’re more proud of this record than any record we’ve made before,” Jake Orrall says. “It’s the most time we’ve ever spent writing songs, the most time we’ve ever spent in the studio and it’s definitely the most fully realized Jeff the Brotherhood record we’ve ever made."

“Jake and I wanted to make a really fun rock album that could reach a lot of different people,” drummer Jamin Orall adds. “We envisioned creating something similar in feel to a lot of the rock records that came out in the ‘90s, back when bands like Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana were playing big arena shows.”

“Fun” is certainly what comes to mind when listening to ‘Coat Check Girl.’ Take a listen to the buoyant new single in the video above.

‘Wasted On the Dream’ will arrive on March 10 on Warner Bros., following the band’s 2012 Dan Auerbach-produced ‘Hypnotic Nights.’ If you choose to pre-order the record, you’ll receive both ‘Coat Check Girl’ and lead single, ‘What’s a Creep.’ Check out the full track list below:

‘Wasted On the Dream’ Track List
1. ‘Voyage Into Dream’
2. ‘Black Cherry Pie’
3. ‘Cosmic Visions’
4. ‘Mystified Minds’
5. ‘Melting Place’
6. ‘In My Dreams’
7. ‘In My Mouth’
8. ‘Karaoke, TN’
9. ‘Coat Check Girl’
10. ‘What’s a Creep’
11. ‘Prairie Song’