In an exuberant letter published on their official website, Jeff the Brotherhood have exclaimed that they've been dropped "from the clutches of the demented vulture that is Warner Bros." The timing of their departure from the major label is interesting as they're gearing up to release their latest disc, Wasted on the Dream, in March.

The DIY duo's LP was originally slated for a March 10 release, but will now hit store shelves via Infinity Cat Recordings -- "our spiritual, as well as literal home" -- on March 24.

As they so jubilantly state, "It's true what you've heard, the era of the major label is over, we have seen it first hand. Upwards and onwards!"

Regardless if the era of the major label is truly over, Jeff the Brotherhood seem to have found much more than just peace in their newfound freedom. For those fans who pre-ordered the vinyl edition of Wasted on the Dream through Warner Bros., your package ("with the T-shirt, etc") is still coming. If you pre-ordered the CD, though, your money has already been refunded.

For anyone who has yet to pre-order the disc, you can now do so at Infinity Cat's official website here (there are even new items that were not available through Warner Bros.).

Jeff the Brotherhood's most recent release with Warner Bros. was last year's EP, Dig the Classicswhich found the Nashville-based brotherly team of Jake and Jamin Orrall covering some of their favorite songs from acts like the Pixies, My Bloody Valentine and more.

As you wait to get your hands on Wasted on the Dream, read through Jeff the Brotherhood's open letter to their fans below:

Hello friends and fans and family and hello people of the press and people of the industry!

We, JEFF The Brotherhood, are SO F----ING PLEASED to announce that we have been DROPPED from the clutches of the demented vulture that is Warner Bros! We feel as though a heavy weight has been lifted from our shoulders, and could not be more excited.

As for our album, “Wasted on the Dream”, it is finally coming out March 24th on Infinity Cat Recordings - our spiritual, as well as literal home.

It was a very strange experience working with WBR. Luckily, we help to run an indie label that has its s--- together more than the big guys, and the announcement comes today from Infinity Cat. The records are pressed, and we are poised and ready!

It’s true what you’ve heard, the era of the major label is over, we have seen it first hand. Upwards and onwards!

JEFF The Brotherhood