This past Monday (Sept. 19), My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James announced plans to release a second solo album, Eternally Even. Today, he’s given us the first single, “Same Old Lie,” which you can hear above.

The nearly six-minute song rails against social injustice, noting that those in power turn people against each other to keep them down. “It’s the same old lie you’ve been readin’ ‘bout / Bleedin’ out / Now who's getting cheated out? / You best believe it's the silent majority /And if you don't vote, it's on you, not me." The track’s final two minutes feature an organ-and-percussion battle that recalls vintage Santana.

The political angle is infused throughout Eternally Even. “I wanted to make an album that hopefully speaks to the issues of the day,” he wrote, “many of which, sadly, are issues we have been dealing with since the beginning of time. Most of what I think about right now is how so many things in the world are So f—ed up — our political system is broken and corrupt…our earth is being destroyed by climate change…people are not treating each other with equality and respect… and I think —are we going to make it?”

As of today, James is accepting pre-orders for Eternally Even, which arrives on Nov. 4. It will be available on CD, vinyl and digital download formats, with signed vinyl and another package that includes the vinyl and a 12”x12” litho made with UV-active inks. The track listing is below and you can get complete information from his website.

Jim James, ‘Eternally Even’ Track Listing

1. “Hide in Plain Sight”
2. Same Old Lie”
3. “Here in Spirit”
4. “The World’s Smiling Now”
5. “We Ain't Getting Any Younger Pt.1”
6. “We Ain't Getting Any Younger Pt.2”
7. “True Nature”
8. “In the Moment”
9. “Eternally Even”

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