Johnny Marr has been a busy rock star -- and he's not slowing down anytime soon.

In addition to releasing a new song in January, he will be dropping a special 7" on Record Store Day, and now it looks like he's got a few more projects up his sleeve, including a book and movie.

Marr is ready to tell his story in an upcoming autobiography that will be released via Century (which has also put out autobiographical books for Eric Clapton and Rod Stewart). In an interview with BBC Radio 6 Music’s Matt Everitt, he gave more information on what fans should expect from the book, set to hit bookstores in 2016.

“I’ve enjoyed it. It’s a lot of work," he said in the interview, admitting that he's already started the writing process. "You’ve got to mind out you don’t freeze and lose your own voice. I wanted it to be my own voice. So I’m writing it, I’m not using a ghostwriter or a journalist or anything like that. I’m just relying on a really good memory.”

He also promised that the book would "honor" his former band, the Smiths. When he was asked about an anecdote that fans will be surprised about, he said, “That the Smiths really liked each other. A couple of them, anyway. I want for people who like what I do, for the life story to match up with the music. I want it to be really authentic. My life story’s been really unusual. Coming from a working class family to staying up late with Keith Richards … how the hell did that happen?”

Aside from the writing, Marr admitted to to having "an idea for a screenplay" and told Everitt, "I’m doing a movie." Unfortunately, he has stayed tight lipped about that project after the admission. We're sure he'll be revealing more information once he's ready.

Listen to Johnny Marr's "Struck"

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