At its heart, Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' is a blues song. The infidelity. The pain. The quiet desperation. The way Parton delivers the lines to her cheating husband's mistress with an ache that borders on life-ending despair.

But what if you took the 1973 song and slowed it down a bit? You pretty much get an authentic blues song.

Somebody took a 'Jolene' 45 and played it at 33 1/3 speed, and the results are both haunting and mesmerizing. You can listen to it above.

We love the song. It's one of our favorite Parton cuts (it belongs in everyone's collection along with her 1971 album 'Coat of Many Colors'). And usually we'd be against anyone f---ing around with a classic like this. But we gotta admit that slowed-down 'Jolene' is a thing of haunting beauty.

And -- why not? -- here's the White Stripes covering 'Jolene':

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