A week after he berated an overeager fan who stupidly strolled onstage during a concert, Josh Homme unleashed a torrent of F-bombs against . . . well, a whole bunch of things, at a Queens of the Stone Age show.

It all went down in Houston on Feb. 9, right before QOTSA played 'I Appear Missing,' a highlight of their latest album, last year's '. . . Like Clockwork.' The album should have snagged Homme and his band a Grammy a couple weeks ago, but their song 'My God Is the Sun' was beaten by Imagine Dragons' not-so-rockin' (and not very good) 'Radioactive' for Best Rock Performance.

Not that Grammys or Imagine Dragons should even matter much to Homme. But apparently he was in a feisty mood over the weekend. "This next song is by Imagine Dragons,” he says before starting 'I Appear Missing.' After the audience fires back with a series of boos, Homme continues: “F--- everything. F--- the man. F--- Imagine Dragons. And f--- the Grammys."

There's a little more to it than that. You can watch the video above for the full carpet-bombing plus song.

It's not as epic as last week's rant from Homme, who booted a fan offstage before laying into the "d-----bag" by telling him, "You’re lucky I didn’t f— you up.” But it's still kinda great. Here's the video if you want to compare Homme's onstage awesomeness: