A new app that lets you pay a monthly fee to attend an unlimited number of concerts just got a significant investment bump.

Jukely, a subscription app that borrows Spotify's "all you can eat" model and applies it to the IRL world of live shows, received $8 million from investors this week.

The company says the money will allow them to hire more employees and expand their operations. Currently, concertgoers can use the app in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Austin, and Miami.

For $25 a month, users get a standard Jukely membership, which allows them to attend any concert covered by the service. Users can't get tickets via the app until three days before the show is scheduled to take place.

A premium account, for $45 a month, allows users to bring a friend, and to attend more than one concert in a day.

Unlike Spotify, there's no free tier.

Jukely says their model will help get audiences to come out for more local shows. "The service has proved to generate additional revenue and is clearly expanding the market for the live music industry by getting music lovers to attend shows they normally wouldn’t go to see," said Jukely founder Bora Celik.

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