To pay tribute to the iconic journalist and feminist Nellie Bly, Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs has written a little tune about her that is featured in a Google animated video.

Taking note of what would have been Bly's 151st birthday, the acoustic number tells her tale in just under two minutes. "Someone's gotta stand up and tell 'em what a girl is good for," the song begins. "We gotta speak up for the ones who've been told to shut up." The "Google Doodles" video features animation to accompany Karen's tune. -- check it out below:

Born Elizabeth Cochran, Bly was a very outspoken soul and groundbreaking journalist. In 1885 she wrote an anger-fueled letter to a Pittsburgh newspaper over an article they had run titled "What Girls Are Good For." The editor of the paper was so taken with Bly's words that he gave her a full-time job as a reporter. Adopting the pen name of Nellie Bly, she would go on to expose a number of injustices, one of the more famous being a piece she wrote for The New York World titled "Ten Days in a Madhouse." Posing as a mentally unstable person and being committed, she exposed the horrific environment of a woman's asylum.

Her investigative style of journalism was decades and decades ahead of what would become a standard for the profession. "No female reporter had ever been so audacious, so determined, so willing to sacrifice her own safety in pursuit of a story," Matthew Goodman, author of the Bly bio Eighty Days, recently told Vox.