Kasabian have given us their first new recording since 2014's 48:13. It's called "Comeback Kid" and you can listen to it above.

NME says that it was made for the soundtrack to FIFA 17, this year's installment of EA Sports' popular soccer video game, which is being released this Friday (Sept. 27). But the article says that is will not be a part of the band's next record, which is expected to arrive in 2017.

"Comeback Kid" is the second new song from the band to be previewed. They played "Put Your Life on It" at King Power Stadium after Leicester City, the soccer club from their hometown of Leicester, improbably won the English Premier League back in May. Four other newly recorded songs -- "Good Fight," "24/7," "You’re in Love With a Psycho" and "All Through the Night" -- are reportedly being considered for the record.

Back in June, Kasabian said that their new album was going to be a return to their guitar roots after the experimental approach found on 48:13. Guitarist Serge Pizzorno said that this was inspired by a quote from John Lennon where he likened the blues to a chair, and that the Beatles' music was them building their chair out of their experiences and influences.

“Lennon said the Beatles version of rock & roll was their chair,” Pizzorno said. “So I thought ‘Wow, I want to make my version of that chair.’”

When the new record arrives, it will be Kasabian's sixth studio effort. Their previous four albums have reached No. 1 in the U.K.

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