Author William Boyd was so inspired by Keane's 'Sovereign Light Cafe' that he actually wrote a short story mirroring the song's title.

'Sovereign Light Cafe' is the forthcoming single off of the British band’s May 2012 release of 'Strangeland.' The song is heavily influenced by their homeland setting of East Sussex, as detailed in a video showing a conversation between Keane members Tim Rice-Oxley and Tom Chaplin. Boyd, who is similarly familiar with the English countryside, recently met up with Rice-Oxley, and the two discussed the possibility of Boyd centering a piece of writing around the band's songs.

As the author wrote on the Guardian, "The story I wrote isn't remotely a reflection of the song but it is rooted in Bexhill-on-Sea where the action of the song takes place." He went on to say that "Keane's new album is rooted in this part of England. It's not parochial in any sense: It's more celebratory of the fact that life goes on here ... with the same intensity and passion, the joy and tragedy, the same mundanity and tedium, as it does anywhere else in the country -- or in the world." Boyd gave high praise to the band and stated his belief that "Rice-Oxley's rich, melodic gift and his amazing capacity to surprise in the three-minute song is as finely honed on 'Strangeland' as it was on 'Hopes and Fears.'"

It seems that both the band and author share mutual respect and appreciation for one another. Keane previously wrote a song inspired by Boyd's novel, 'Any Human Heart,' but the track was never formally released. Click here to read the short story 'The Sovereign Light Cafe' by William Boyd.

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