In the cool (literally!) new video by Brooklyn beatmasters the Kickdrums, super-moody and mostly black-and-white images unspool over an equally moody and icy track. You can watch our exclusive premiere of 'Brave Radar' above.

Kickdrums frontman Alex Fitts got his start in Cleveland, where he injected hip-hop tracks by Kanye West, Kid Cudi and 50 Cent with a dash of alt-rock. Since relocating to New York, Fitts has taken the Kickdrums into even wider and wilder territory.

'Brave Radar' -- which appears on the 2013 album 'Thinking Out Loud' -- recalls vintage DJ Shadow with its smoky, hazy beat and solid rhythmic foundation, based around a twangy guitar and a bluesy lead vocal.

The video -- which features some old-school B-boys doing their thing, an air-defying snowboarder and closeups of a guitar player puffing on a cig like he's Jimmy Page -- was directed by Patrick Lozinski in Quebec. He grabbed a line from the song -- "I hate the cold, so I miss the warmth from you" -- for inspiration.

"I've been wanting to make some visuals for the Kickdrums for a while now," says Lozinski. "His music really speaks to me, and he lets me go all out artistically, which is amazing. I tried to make a video that complements the song by enhancing the vibes that the artist originally set either with metaphorical visuals or color schemes . . . that represent the whole ambiance of the song."

Yep . . . the moody visuals snugly fit into Fitts' songview here. And we can totally get behind that part about hating the cold. Seriously -- is winter over yet?

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