As we reported earlier yesterday (July 16), we're going to have to wait until Sept. 25 for the release of the new Mumford and Sons album 'Babel.' However, they've been roped in by their friend King Charles, who has opened for them, to put their signature harmonies on his song 'The Brightest Lights.'

As befits someone who has borrowed the name of a couple of 17th century British monarchs, there's a distinctly British feel to 'The Brightest Lights.' Maybe it's the way the chorus, where Mumford and Sons join in, sounds a bit like a pub singalong. Or maybe it's that the meter in the verse reminds us of a slowed down patter song from a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta. The bagpipes that appear toward the end also help a bit. It's rousing and uplifting in the same way Mumford and Sons' best songs are.

King Charles, who was born Charles Costa, released his debut album, 'LoveBlood,' in May. We're not really sure what is up with his image, but he won the 2009 International Songwriting Competition in Nashville, the first Brit to take home the award. So if he's good enough to impress a diverse group of judges that included Tom Waits, Steve Winwood and Robert Smith, he can look however he darn well pleases.

Listen to King Charles Feat. Mumford and Sons, 'The Brightest Lights'