Everyone's talking about the new Kings of Leon tune, 'Supersoaker' (listen below), a preview of their forthcoming sixth album, 'Mechanical Bull,' and that goes us thinking: Does anyone remember the singles from their last album, ‘Come Down Around Sunset?' You probably don’t, because that record was a tremendous turd.

KoL made the mistake of spending more time on the road -- touring in support of 2008’s ‘Only by the Night’ and capitalizing on the massive popularity of their megahits ‘Sex On Fire’ and ‘Use Somebody' -- than they did working in the studio creating what should have been a badass follow-up. ‘Come Down’ was a major letdown.

But when you take a look at the Kings’ output overall, you really can’t complain; ‘Youth & Young Manhood,’ ‘Aha Shake Heartbreak,’ ‘Because of the Times’ and ‘Only by the Night’ are all incredible albums. Beginning with 'Aha,' each offers something different than the last, and the grand portrait is that of a band on an upward trajectory.

In 2011, there was all sorts of scuttlebutt about lead singer Caleb Followill’s throat issues, which led to shortened sets and cancellations. Then there were rumors that the singing issues may have been connected to a drinking problem, which led us to scratch our heads and sarcastically muse, “Wait? A rockstar with throat and/or alcohol problems? Wow.”

So of course, two years later, we were hoping to see the Kings retake the throne, and then came today's news of 'Supersoaker.' What we heard through our Beats By Dre’s this morning was this: a musical mulligan, a second chance. It was nothing short of a revelation. Could this be the result of a new, dry (or dryer) Followill? A tighter band -- one that gives a crap how its albums sound?

That's the impression 'Supersoaker' leaves us with. It’s a damn good single, and hopefully, it prefaces an amazing new album. Here, the Kings give us introspective lyrics and a royally good hook ("I don’t mind / sentimental girls and times / Mr. Walkaway"). Also, dig those doubled lyrics at the end of each verse, a la ‘Sex On Fire,' and the gigantic chorus, complete with descending bells reminiscent of the Beach Boys’ ‘Pet Sounds.’ (Followill even sings the words "good vibrations" in the lead verse line.)

Here we are, happier than we were this morning, knowing the Kings of Leon are back. Who needs a ‘Sunset’ when you’ve got a new dawn to look forward to?

Listen to the Kings of Leon's 'Supersoaker'

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