If you ever make it to Sto-Vo-Kor, the Klingon heaven, there's a good chance you'll be chugging lots of Warnog. That's the name of the new Klingon-themed beer being launched by the Federation of Beer in a partnership with the Star Trek franchise.

This new libation, brewed by Tin Man Brewing Company in what must be the scorched battlegrounds of Indiana, is probably best served in a Klingon bloodwine cup. But it's also acceptable to chug the whole thing down at once before crushing the can on your own thick skull.

This is the Federation of Beer's second Star Trek-themed beer. The first was made to honor the Vulcans, aptly named Vulcan Ale. This was an Irish red ale meant to hark back to Spock's red home world.

Warnog is described as having an aroma of banana, clove and presumably the ozone scent of laser-charred redshirts. You can satisfy your Klingon-sized thirst with the big 16-ounce cans. We don't know if the brew will be available in bottles, but we're holding out hope for bottle openers modeled after the "bat'leth," the giant two-handed Klingon sword of honor.


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