With a seemingly crystal clear outlook on life, New York City's La La Lush have been fusing together their unique blend of pop and rock since the release of their self-titled debut album -- which they funded and produced themselves -- in early 2013. And now they've teamed up with Diffuser to premiere the brand-new song 'Avenue B' (listen below).

"'Avenue B' was written about my move to New York City -- I bet you'll never guess what avenue I now live on," frontwoman Leea Borst tells Diffuser. "I wrote it because I didn't know how to make sense of the conflicting feelings of excitement and fear. My dream of living in New York City was finally coming true but it was coming at a very high cost."

That dichotomy is clearly stated in the song when Borst belts out, "In the silence I feel the fear growing strong / Can't afford it but baby I'm holding on." Beyond the culture shock of moving to New York City, Borst and company also tell stories about the city's inhabitants.

"I wanted to include some of the misunderstood characters that exist in every city. There's a man who's fishing off the pier but what we don't know is he's fishing for a dream, something intangible, something that isn't sitting at the bottom of the river," she eloquently states. "There's also the bird lady who everybody assumes is crazy, yet if you listen closely you'll see she's reciting poetry to the only audience who will give her a moment of their time."

The lead singer adds, "There are so many amazing characters in every city, we just don't always take the time to listen to their story so we create our own for them."

Check out the new track 'Avenue B' in the player below and you just might feel like you're in New York City. As Borst beautifully puts it, "I've always lived in the city. I just have an address here now."

While 'Avenue B' is a stand-alone single, you can pick up the band's previously released full-length album and EP at iTunes.

Diffuser's Exclusive Premiere of La La Lush's 'Avenue B'