Hot sax solos are underrated. And that's precisely why you should listen to Lantern's dark blues anthem 'Rock N' Roll Rorschach.'

While you can make any comparisons you want in this inkblot single, we at Diffuser think it sounds like a gothic T. Rex. And who wouldn't want to listen to that?

"In this world, as much as we might wish it to be, nothing is black and white, it's not even grey," the freewheeling band tell "It's a picture disc of futures past viewed only on the wisps of our imaginations. So Funkadelic said, 'Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow' and perhaps this is our tribute to that fundamental statement."

The Philly group tasked local producer Jeff Zeigler (Purling Hiss, Kurt Vile, War on Drugs) with coaxing Lantern's sounds onto wax. The result is a brash collection of songs with the intensity of classic rock and the reckless abandon of the DIY movement.

Download 'Rock N' Roll Rorschach' below -- their album of the same name is available now via Sophomore Lounge Records.

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