Taking the Hype Hotel stage Wednesday night (March 18) in the middle of the SXSW music festival, Laura Welsh absolutely captivated the crowd with her powerful and dynamic vocals. There was no song that perfectly captured her prowess more than “Break the Fall,” and lucky for you, it was all caught on camera. Check out the unforgettable performance above.

Rather than relying on massive and complex musical arrangements, Welsh allows her voice to take center stage during “Break the Fall,” compelling the audience (and now viewers) to just let go and follow her on this journey.

Still celebrating the release of her latest full-length effort, Soft Control, Welsh recently wrapped up a number of sold-out gigs on the west coast. While she doesn’t have any gigs scheduled at the moment, we get the feeling that will change very soon. You can stay up-to-date with Welsh and her tour itinerary here.

If you missed out on SXSW and Hype Hotel this year, don't worry: We've compiled some of our favorite moments from this year's celebration at this location.

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