LCD Soundsystem pulled out of a few shows late last year so that they could complete their first album since since 2010’s This Is Happening, and now it looks like it is happening. Tonight, at midnight local time, they will unveil the first two offerings, "Call the Police" and "American Dream" via digital streaming services.

James Murphy broke the news on the band's Facebook page, adding that they were among the new songs that they performed during a five-night stand at Brooklyn Steel last month. He also gave a lengthy update on the rest of the album, beginning by saying that he has one more vocal and two mixes left until it's all done. But he couldn't give specifics on when it's coming out because of the many parts of the process beyond his grasp due to his insistence on releasing it on vinyl on the same day as the CD and digital formats.

"It will go like this," he wrote. "Finish last mix > get to Bob [Weston, at Chicago Mastering Service] to master > get masters to pressing plant > plant takes X amount of time > records get to distro so that they can go to stores > record released. however long that takes = when the record will be out." Complicating that even further is that Weston is going on tour as a member of Shellac, which could delay things further if Murphy doesn't get it completed on time.

As a result, these two new songs won't be available as a standalone single, although they may wind up that way at some future date. "These are just two songs that we wanted to get out to the lovely and patient (and some less patient, but one assumes equally lovely) people who want new music," he continued.

Murphy is also unsure of how they're going to tour, "but our plan is indeed to play shows near where people live. and no, not just festivals. That's all being planned as well," he wrote. "We're just in a funny place, in terms of understanding what size venues/how many nights we should play in various places. we generally prefer medium sized venues over huge ones, but we also loathe overpriced stubhub bulls---, so we're navigating this as best we can."

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