Le Butcherettes have been making some pleasant noise lately, both literally and figuratively. They recently came off of a tour with label mates the Melvins, and they just announced the release date for what will be their third full-length album, A Raw Youth. And today, they made a track from the upcoming disc available to stream via Soundcloud.

The new song, "They F--- You Over," is a bit of a sonic snarl -- angry and all fuzzed out. But it is also incredibly listenable. It's a dance song drowning in an ocean of guitar distortion. It is truly a thing of beauty, and you can listen to it right here:

Fans who were lucky enough to see Le Butcherettes on tour with the Melvins had an opportunity to snag a tour-only Melvins/Le Butcherettes split EP; Le Butcherettes leader Teri Gender Bender told Glide that the Melvins were really nice.

"They were the ones that were coming over towards our dressing room, or if we didn’t have one they’d be like 'hey we could share a dressing room,'” she said. "Sometimes Buzz and Dale would come up to our van and help us load in. I’m not used to that at all."