The boys in Oasis were clearly influenced by a number of British bands during their formative years — chief among them, obviously, the Beatles — but that doesn't mean they love all their of their countrymen's classic rock equally. Singer Liam Gallagher, for example, is clearly not a big fan of Queen.

Gallagher, out making the publicity rounds to help raise awareness for his new As You Were solo LP, shared his rather low opinion of the band's music during a recent interview with Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. As Gallagher explained, he can't deny that the group's lineup collected some awesome musical talent; it's just that, to his ears, it doesn't add up to much — particularly with regards to guitarist Brian May.

"Do I like Queen? Uh, not really, no. I mean, I get Freddie Mercury has a great voice and all that, and obviously they’ve got some great songs. But I do find them a bit Queen-y," Gallagher is quoted as saying. "Listen, they’re a top band and obviously they’ve got great songs, but I dunno, man. Brian May’s guitar sound sounds like he’s got it clogged in his ass."

After Hawkins laughingly came to May's defense, telling Gallagher "I love Brian," Gallagher shrugged, responding, "I respect him and all that, but I don’t know, man."

May's unlikely to give Gallagher's assessment much thought, but if it does give him pause, he can take comfort in the fact that he's in some pretty good company: Gallagher has taken aim at a long list of his peers over the years, including his own brother and former bandmate Noel, who he's taken to mercilessly teasing due to what Liam perceives to be Noel's striking resemblance to a potato.

Better to have a guitar lodged in one's rectum than to look like a tuber vegetable?

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