Recently, Oasis scored their first hit in years, a viral video compilation of Noel Gallagher's snittiest bits of commentary from the band's 'Time Flies' DVD. The gist: Gallagher hates making videos ("I f---ing hate making videos") and rates most directors as pretentious and devoid of creativity. ("If you need four guys to walk around in slow motion, we were the best of that.") But at least one good thing came of Oasis begrudged willingness to step in front of the camera.

Videos get you on MTV, and in early 2000, Noel's brother Liam turned up on 'TRL' to promote 'Standing On the Shoulder of Giants,' the group's ill-fated fourth album. Loaded with psych-rock cliches, 'Giants' would mark Oasis' worst-charting album to date -- something Liam seems to predict by telling host Carson Daly the record is "rubbish." And that's not the only premonition he shares. Asked by Daly why they put the New York City skyline on the cover, Liam slurs something online conspiracy theorists will tell you wasn't simply surly British bravado.

"I thought I'd pay my respects before they blow you up," Liam says, just before looking out the window at Times Square and adding. "I don't think you've got anything happening for you."

If Liam really is clairvoyant, he owes it to the world to reunite with Noel, convince his bro to resume walking in slow motion and get back on major TV shows, where he can warn us all of coming calamities. Like the next Beady Eye album.

Watch Noel Gallagher Diss Oasis' Video Output