Third Eye Blind had yet to be signed when they landed an slot opening up for Oasis in their hometown of San Francisco. Although the show went well, there was an incident between the bands, with Liam Gallagher wanting to stab then-guitarist Kevin Cadogan due to a poorly thrown can of Coca-Cola.

Billboard published an oral history of Third Eye Blind's smash hit debut album, and frontman Stephan Jenkins recalled that they had gotten the gig as an opportunity to show Epic Records, who distributed Oasis in the U.S., what they could do. "We played and it went over really well," he said. "Nobody knew who we were. We went on stage and Sherry Wasserman [of promoter Another Planet] said, 'Go back out' and we got to do an encore. And opening bands don’t get to do encores. It never happens. Afterwards she gave us a $500 bonus, which was so much money!"

Cadogan, though, had a different experience. “I got threatened by Liam that night with physical violence," he remembered. "I was drinking a can of Coke and had finished it and crumpled it up and was going to throw it, basketball-style, 20 yards away. The can hit someone who was in the corner — I just saw this glowing ash and the can rolled over to it. After the show he said, ‘You could have gotten stabbed.’ Literally said that. I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ He was like, ‘You threw that can at me, man’. I did not throw a can at him.”

The guitarist added that Liam also told him, "You guys are shite, you’ll never make it."

He had a much better opinion of Liam's brother, however. “Noel [Gallagher] was studying one of my guitars, geeking out on it, and I could tell he was the serious one.”

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