Nate Mendel -- current bassist for the Foo Fighters and founding member of Sunny Day Real Estate -- released If I Kill This Thing We’re All Going to Eat for a Week, his debut solo effort as Lieutenant, back in March. Ahead of that release, Mendel unveiled album track, “Believe the Squalor,” which has now received a brand-new music video.

For the Matt Kubas-directed clip, Mendel chose visuals pretty much directly at odds with the otherwise winding and introspective cut. A series of heavy metal players -- namely Harassor’s Pete Majors and Sandor G.F., Ironaut’s Erik Kluiber and Holy Grail’s Eli Santana -- help accomplish this by miming Mendel's latest single in a burning church while drenched in blood. Watch for yourself in the video above.

The concept for the video came to Mendel as he was putting together his Lieutenant touring band.

“I was in the brackish zone between a solo project and a band and wasn’t sure of what the identity of the band would ultimately be,” Mendel explained in a setlist. “I thought, ‘Why not play that out by creating a performance video using the 100-percent incorrect musicians, in this case a black metal band?’”

“I texted the idea to a friend of mine, Jim Rota, who was a producer on the Sonic Highways project, and also fronts the metal band Fireball Ministry,” he continued. “He responded with a photo of Pete Majors covered in stage blood, on stage with his band Harassor.”

And voila! We have the hilariously demonic “Believe the Squalor” video. Enjoy!

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