It might be difficult to believe, but Faith No More existed for seven entire years before frontman Mike Patton came into the fray. Formed out of San Francisco in 1981, the band went through a string of short-lived vocalists (including Courtney Love) until 1984 when they found Chuck Mosely – the singer on the band's first two albums (the ones you probably don't have).

But it wasn't until Patton came on in 1988 that the group found its true voice.

They were already wildly experimental in their blend of funk and metal, but Patton infused his preternatural range and vocal dexterity into their sound beginning with 1989's The Real Thing. From there, Faith No More became instantly vital in setting the stage for metal and alternative in the '90s and beyond. Although they went their separate ways in 1998, guitarist Jon Hudson, keyboardist Roddy Bottum, bassist Billy Gould and drummer Mike Bordin joined Patton again in 2009 for a series of high-profile shows. Now, they've brought us their long-awaited seventh album. Where does it rate compared to their others? You'll have to read below a couple times to find out.

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