One week ago (Aug. 19), the always prolific Ryan Adams released the second 7-inch in a series of new music via his Pax Am label. '1984' is a 10-song -- yes, 10 songs on a 7-inch -- punk record that perfectly exemplifies the dynamic range of Adams. For vinyl fans, '1984' is a must-have in any collection, but for those without a turntable, you can stream the entire pressing in the player below:

The album is yet to be released digitally, so rest assured that the audio you hear is ripped straight from the vinyl itself (we can only assume by a hardcore fan). The songs are short and sweet and are an obvious nod to the great music of '84; it's easy to hear Adams being influenced by the likes of the Replacements, Soul Asylum and more.

This isn't Adams' first foray into the world of punk; for 2013's Record Store Day, Adams released a 7-inch with his band Pornography that included seven songs of the punk-variety in seven minutes, aptly entitled '7 Minutes in Heaven.'

The first 7-inch released in his current Pax Am series was also the first single from Adams' upcoming self-titled album, 'Gimme Something Good.' While that track stands out on its own, the real treat for fans who picked up the vinyl is the B-side, 'Aching for More.' Following '1984' will be 'Jacksonville' b/w 'I Keep Running' and 'Walkedypants.'

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