In the latest episode of the social media saga involving Ryan Adams and Father John Misty as its primary stars, Adams has issued an apology for his early-Saturday morning Twitter rant in which he took aim at Misty, whose given name is Josh Tillman.

It was a tweet promoting Misty's upcoming appearance on Austin City Limits that sparked the incident. Adams responded saying "It’s so wonderful you booked the most self-important a--hole on earth to ‘break it all down for us’ while he does his Nick Cave impression.” He went on to say Misty "sounds like s--- Elton John but if he was just sitting in a corner staring at his hands on LSD," and referred to him as both "Elton Josh" and "Sir F---head."

Misty responded by posting a video on Facebook in which he can be heard saying "Ryan Adams just called me the most important a--hole on Earth," but is corrected to indicate Adams actually said "self-important."

Adams has since deleted some of these tweets, and went on to issue an apology via Instagram still tainted with a twinge of resentment. "I'm human & I have bad days. It happens. I apologize. ... I am very tired but it's no excuse to be cruel to others, even if they have shown me that same meanness. It is better to love.”

Their feud may be rooted in Misty's stunt two years ago, in which he mocked Adams for his song-for-song covers albums of Taylor Swift's 1989, by covering Adams' covers of Swift.

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