It takes a lot of confidence to cover a Radiohead song. It takes being a huge fan to cover one of their more obscure tracks. Both descriptions fit New York duo Blonds, who have created their own rendition of Radiohead's 'Talk Show Host.'

The track was originally a B-side to 'Street Spirit (Fade Out)' from 'The Bends' era and a remixed version was featured on the movie soundtrack to 1996's 'Romeo + Juliet.' Blonds have taken a more reserved approach to the song (which is hard to believe since it's Radiohead) and yet remain highly faithful to the original. Blonds vocalist Cari Rae had to convince her partner Jordy Asher to tackle the cover.

"'Talk Show Host' is my favorite Radiohead song, but Jordy was apprehensive to cover it at first because of his immense respect for the band," Rae tells Rolling Stone. "He said it was like attempting to play with perfection. I begged him for almost a month, and I'm happy to say my persistence paid off."

The dream-pop take on 'Talk Show Host' is, well, dreamy. Rae's sultry voice gives the song a new perspective and makes it a hell of a lot sexier. Listen to Blonds' cover below and judge for yourself. It's included on their 'Dark Roots EP' which you can preview here. The band is currently recording their debut album in New York City according to The NJ Underground.