In the same vein as Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album (which combined the Beatles' White Album with Jay-Z's Black Album), an Ohio State University student has unveiled new mashup album blending Kanye West with Weezer to make, yep, Yeezer.

Unlike The Grey Album, however, this isn’t a fusion of two landmark albums from each artist’s repertoire. Instead, Alex Hodowanec cherry-picks songs from all corners of Weezer and Kanye West’s catalogs. The 10-track set opens with “Through the Hills,” a mashup of West’s mumbled masterpiece, “Through the Wire,” and Weezer’s Make Believe head-scratcher “Beverly Hills.” Hodowanec tosses in West’s “Get ‘Em High” for good measure, too.

From there, Hodowanec pairs “Back to the Shack” with “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”; “Girl Got Hot” with “Black Skinhead”; and “Buddy Holly” with “The New Workout Plan” for the terrifically titled “The Buddy Holly Workout Plan.” If you’ve ever wondered what a Kanye-Cuomo collaboration would sound like -- well, this probably isn’t it, but you can stream it in full below for a smile: