Oh, the romantic comedy, the stuff of laughter, tears and heartstrings, aided and abetted by poignancy of soundtrack. Queen of the '90s Liz Phair adds her lot to the good cry cause with ‘Dotted Line,’ a soul-to-soul (or maybe check-to-check?) ballad taking the starring role on the soundtrack to the movie 'People Like Us.’ By the strum of that guitar and the familiarity of that "na na na," you might think you’re sweating into your Birkenstocks at Lilith Fair again. In ‘Dotted Line,’ Phair expertly mixes the awkward with the anodyne: “I’m taking my dreams with me / On a mattress full of memories.” The travel memory mattress -- never leave home without it. But where is the dream mattress being taken?

Phair has met someone, it seems. When “you” (that’s the hypothetical second person, not you, dear reader) turned around, she knew she’d found “someone whose heart beats the same.” That cardiac synchronicity was enough for Phair to agree to some sort of contract, as she’s “signed on the dotted line / And that name next to yours is mine.” Might seem a little fast for just seeing someone turn around, but that is the nature of the rom com.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. If you’re not aware, ‘People Like Us’ follows that old familiar story of guy gets into staggering debt and then guy’s father dies and leaves him a bunch of money with a note saying he has to give $150,000 to a sister he’s never met. Where the romance fits in, we’re not quite sure -- but with hunky Chris Pine involved, somebody’s going to fall in love. Maybe it’s Liz Phair who woos the captain?

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