About 15 years ago, filmmaker Andrew Bennet put together a behind-the-scenes documentary about Deftones but it was never officially released. That's about the change (in the House of Flies and everywhere else).

Entertain Me: A Film About Deftones follows the band circa White Pony era. And although an unfinished edit leaked online a few years back, this is the version Bennett meant for you to see. It should be out there online very soon.

Bennett posted the following statement:

I am officially making it available to the most amazing fans in the world, starting 12/26/2015. It will be 10 bucks for the full and clean resolution download of the final edit of this film. Please note, that I saw the leak, and that version is so old it’s not even funny.

To recap: 'Entertain Me: A Film About Deftones', the real, uncut, director’s final version will be officially released on 12/26/2015. The website is being finalised today. I hope you all enjoy it, sorry it only took 15 years to get out.”

Check out the trailer below.

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