The Velvet Underground's landmark fourth LP, Loaded, will be getting the deluxe treatment this October in commemoration of its 45th anniversary.

Released in the fall of 1970, Loaded was for all intents and purposes the final Velvet Underground LP. Though one more LP would be released under that name (Squeeze, issued in 1973, featured only Doug Yule), Loaded was the band's last hurrah and in many ways, their most well known offering.

Stocked from top to bottom with classics like "Sweet Jane," "Rock and Roll," and "Oh! Sweet Nuthin," Loaded might be the most focused and straight ahead album the Velvets ever made. This new re-issue will present the original LP remastered along with five discs of extras including outtakes, single mixes, alternate takes and a rare mono mix made only for radio stations.

Also included in the massive set will be a remastered version of the 1972 release, Live At Max’s Kansas City, which was recorded August 23rd of 1970. This show looms large in the Velvets history since it was Lou Reed's last performance with the band. An unreleased live show from May 9, 1970 at the Second Fret in Philadelphia rounds out the box. This performance was unique in that the band was scaled down to a trio of Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison and Doug Yule, with Maureen Tucker missing in action due to being pregnant. And if that wasn't enough, an audio only DVD featuring three different mixes of the album is also included.

Loaded: Re-Loaded 45th Anniversary Edition is set for release October 30th via Rhino. Check out the full track list here.

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