M.I.A.'s provocative music video for 'Born Free,' a tune from her third album, 2010's 'Maya,' depicts a genocide against, of all things, red-haired people. The nine-minute Romain Gavras-directed short film was made without the prior knowledge of M.I.A.'s record label, and the resulting clip was banned outright from YouTube in both the U.S. and U.K. 

The video's Orwellian portrayal of violence, brutality and military force was praised by many critics for its pull-no-punches representation of oppression and political turmoil in the wake of the extrajudicial killing of Tamil males in Sri Lanka, where M.I.A. was raised. But some criticized the clip's explicit content, arguing that it was included for shock value alone. Watch below and judge for yourself.

Watch the M.I.A. 'Born Free' Video